Connected skydome and VMC

Connected skydome and VMC


qowisio-skydome-connecte Would you like a new alert service for when vents are opened? To detect intruders? Do you want a solution that is easy to install and maintain?

Qowisio’s connected Skydome solution makes it possible to remotely supervise Skydome opening, and be provided with this information in real time through a dedicated application.



Qowisio-Solution YOUR INTEREST

  • Being provided with real-time information on Skydome openings, to prevent:
    • Damage incurred by a Skydome open during bad weather
    • Tenant dissatisfaction
    • Intrusions


  • Simplicity in its installation and maintenance
  • Turnkey solution, connectivity included throughout the sensor’s entire lifespan.
  • Data management via the cloud, visible in your application
  • Can be customized according to your needs or interfaced using the IS


Qowisio-Problematique HOW DOES IT WORK?

  • A sensor sends the information (open/closed) based on an inclinometer
  • Autonomy: 5 years/Information onthe battery’s condition + alerts
  • Battery-operated
  • Adapts to all types of Skydomes



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Connected mechanical ventilation

qowisio-vmc-miniatureDo you want to be alerted if your mechanical ventilation breaks down? Ensure it works properly? Anticipate it breaking down?

Qowisio’s connected solution monitors
proper mechanical ventilation function by regularly
measuring the equipment’s internal pressure. Pressure readings help anticipate if the equipment is going to break down, and alerts are sent if the equipment stops.



Qowisio-Solution YOUR INTEREST

  • Being provided with real-time information about the mechanical ventilation’s operation (alert is sent if it breaks down).
  • Predictive maintenance by regularly monitoring the equipment’s internal pressure.
  • Multi-risk insurance



  • Turnkey solution, connectivity included throughout the sensor’s entire lifespan.
  • Optimization of all maintenance processes
  • Data management in the cloud
  • A customized alert can be sent


Qowisio-Problematique HOW DOES IT WORK ?

  • A Qowisio sensor – fitted with a pressure switch – regularly measures mechanical ventilation pressure
  • The solution is connected to Qowisio’s UNB network
  • Autonomous solution (battery) or power-supplied


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