Use cases

Temperatures reading for supermarket fridges
Retail chains

Save time and money

Qowisio-Problematique  NEED

  • The temperature of glass door fridges and refrigerated display windows must be manually measured at least 2 – 4 times a day to fulfill the directives on food safety. Each retail store can include several standalone fridges and this task can be time consuming. Moreover, managers have no way of knowing that a fridge breaks during closed hours, potentially leading to costly losses.

Qowisio-Solution  SOLUTIONIMG_1213

  • Connected and autonomous sensor which automatically measures temperature and can alert in case of abnormal temperature variation (except defrosting).

Qowisio-Avantage  ADVANTAGES

  • Easy to install
  • Autonomous tracker
  • No subscription
  • Information directly on the app


Qowisio-Resultats  RESULTS

  • Time saving
  • Cold chain respect
  • Reduction of food losses




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