Use cases

Connected smoke hatch

The smoke hatch monitoring solution offered by Qowisio enables to be alerted in case of hatch opening.


Qowisio-Problematique NEED

To be alerted immediately if a skydom occurs to be open in order to avoid damages caused by rain or bad weather and intrusions.

Record the correct execution of the mandatory annual maintenance interventions on the smoke extraction systems (actual opening and closing tests).


Sensor that transmits real time alerts thanks to an inclinometer.
Alert sent to a dedicated application or by SMS



  • Turnkey solution: no connectivity additional cost, no subscription
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Autonomous sensor, with information on the battery’s condition
  • Flexible solution: adjustable to any smoke hatch

Qowisio-Resultats  RESULTS

  • Operational gain
  • Confort/security

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