Advantages of IoT solutions

The IoT presents several applications for social landlords

Equipment management

The IoT is a fantastic way of collecting a large amount of data and using it to optimize housing use. It is also a way of detecting aging infrastructures and beginning necessary modernization work at the right time. Resorting to connected objects therefore enables the social landlord and tenant to save money.

Qowisio-Avantage  ADVANTAGES

  • Real-time overview of the installations’ condition thanks to the data collection system
  • Improved social housing quality: monitored security, environment and energy
  • Savings for the social landlord and tenant


Connecting your existing equipment

A number of electronic items can be connected, to extract data and improve housing comfort.


  • Detailed data without having to replace existing equipment
  • Improved comfort and modernized housing

Simple and cheap implementation

Installing a connected solution is possible in very little time and at a price in line with social landlord constraints.


  • Quick and easy installation with a Qowisio connector
  • Low installation cost
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