The IoT for social landlords

The IoT offers a wide range of quality improvement and housing management possibilities at a low cost.

The Internet of Things: a potential for creating added value in housing

Social housing organizations currently face a variety of challenges: ensuring good quality of life for households in said housing, improving existing buildings to include new requirements and providing comfortable and affordable living areas.

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a central part in these challenges by offering new technologies that allow for modernized housing. The IoT consists in connecting physical objects to the Internet. By 2020, experts reckon that there will be over 20 billion objects connected all over the world. The IoT market’s potential is thus huge and its impact on households is significant.

There is no doubt that connected objects improve housing comfort, but they are also a solution for rationalizing its management and optimizing processes. This is why an increasing number of social landlords are using this technology to modernize their property portfolio.

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