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Our strengths

We simplify and accelerate the development of your IoT solutions

A unique position throughout the value chain

We bring together all the necessary skills for the development of an IoT solution

Qowisio-Avantage  ADVANTAGES

  • Optimized costs
  • A dedicated contact for your project
  • A time to market shortcut

Renowned expertise in the field of electronics and networks

An R&D team dedicated to achieving the goals of today and of tomorrow.

Qowisio-Avantage  ADVANTAGES

  • Our technical expertise works for your innovation.

Structuring technology choices

We operate our own bi-mode UNB-LoRa network, open to all technologies

Qowisio-Avantage  ADVANTAGES

  • Our independence works for your independence

A disruptive economic model

Connectivity: a commodity. No subscription, a one-time price

Qowisio-Avantage  ADVANTAGES

  • A new economic model that makes new use cases possible


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