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Standalone Wireless M-bus Gateway

What is exactly our Gateway?

Wireless M-Bus Gateway from Qowisio is a device that acts as a communication interface between any wireless M-Bus sensors and a central management system. The gateway enables secure, reliable, and efficient communication between sensors and the management system.


  • Easy Installation:The device can be easily installed (indoor or outdoor), without the need for specialized skills, making it ideal for both new and existing metering systems.
  • Advanced security features:The gateway provides advanced security features, including encryption and authentication, to ensure that the communication between the sensors and the management system is secure and reliable.
  • Real-time data transmission:Qowisio gateway enables real-time data transmission between the meters and the management system, enabling managers to monitor and
    manage energy consumption more efficiently for instance.
  • Cost-effective:The device is cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for manual meter reading, reducing the time and cost associated with meter management.
  • Accurate meter readings:Qowisio gateway provides accurate meter readings,ensuring that the energy bills are based on actual usage rather than estimates.
  • Easy data access:Qowisio gateway provides easy access to meter data, enabling managers to make informed decisions about energy consumption and usage.
  • Long autonomy:Qowisio W M-bus gateway is designed to be used up to 15 years with its internal lithium battery.
  • Remote management and configuration:Qowisio gateway can be configured and managed remotely using the web interface application, allowing a very easy and fast deployment.
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