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You can use any type of components to design your object. All radio chips are compatible with QOWISIO.

For example, you can use standard chips Texas Instruments, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, or Freescale.

If you develop your device alone, it must be certified by QOWISIO before being deployed. Contact us




Design is an essential issue of the connected device.It’s expressed through three dimensions : the use of the object, its image, and the emotion it brings.

Our range of Ready to Connect sensors

Qowisio has a full range of intelligent devices organized by requirement type (security, environment, energy, etc.).
If you have already selected your requirement, you can choose from a range of over 40 “Ready to Connect” sensors.



Sensors range:

  1. Motion detector: Ideal for detecting movement or a presence, to secure an area or to automatically control activation of lights.
  2. Access control: Intelligent control of room or area access. Remote control of access entry (opening of electronic locking devices).
  3. Light: Remote control of light activation/deactivation state.
  4. Camera: Permanent video surveillance of a room or area. Video images recorded upon triggering event such as movement.
  5. RFID, asset management: Asset inventory management through RFID tagging enables accurate stock confirmation. Asset movement tracking based upon integrated gyroscope.
  6. AC measurement: Monitoring and analyzing AC devices electrical consumption.
  7. DC measurement: Monitoring and analyzing DC devices electrical consumption.
  8. Batteries: Monitoring battery state of charge, state of health, and depth of discharge.
  9. Genset: Remote start/stop control, run hour counter, and data harvesting through intelligent port connectivity.
  10. Liquid level: Ultrasonic level sensor for accurate real time level measurements of various liquids: such as fuel, water, oil etc. Includes alarms based upon filling or syphoning activity as well as real time consumption trending.
  11. Third-party vendor equipment integration: Data harvesting and control to any third party vendor equipment using Ethernet, RS232, or Modbus connectivity.
  12. Smoke detection: Smoke or fire detection in any room or indoor area.
  13. Flood detection: Flood or water detection in any room or indoor area.
  14. Air-conditioning unit: Remote start/stop control, run hour counter, and data harvesting through intelligent port connectivity. Monitoring and analyzing AC electrical consumption.
  15. Temperature: Real time monitoring of room, indoor area, and outdoor environmental temperatures.

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