Qowisio, IoT project accelerator

Our involvement in the 3rd Internet revolution,
the Internet of Things,
is based on firm beliefs.

« Innovation is Qowisio's guiding philosophy. What makes us unique is that we are active throughout the full length of the value chain for connected devices: creation of device, network connectivity & cloud application. »

Guillaume Houssay
General Manager of Qowisio.

« We want to add value to the way in which devices function. The battle is not about network connection costs. That's not the challenge. »

Cyrille Le Floch
CEO of Qowisio.

Soon every sector of the economy
will be affected by the
revolutionary Internet of Things.
Businesses should
prepare for this change.

Qowisio is creating a new model in order to simplify the practices and unlock the companies’ IoT’s potential. With many years of international experience, Qowisio is a key player on the growing IoT market. In France, it’s the first and only to:

  • Offer an open network to all technologies: a dual-mode UNB*/LoRa compatible network.
  • Be present across the entire value chain of the connected devices

Qowisio is defined by three values: INDEPENDENCE, PROXIMITY, AUDACITY

Its economic model is adapted to the emerging forces and practices on the IoT market.

It places the client at the center of its strategy, advocating a collaborative, proximity model to support entrepreneurs throughout their whole IoT projects.

With an aggregate supply that covers the entire IoT value chain, Qowisio offers a complete solution, serving companies’ performance and competitiveness. Qowisio acts as operator of its own IoT network and offers its clients a complete service in order to reconcile hardware, connectivity and software application with no middleman involved.


Let’s discover people shaping the history of Qowisio: internal team, providers, partners…

Three questions to understand the “Qowisio Spirit”.


Created in 2009 and operational in 29 countries,
QOWISIO is a founding member of the Cité de l’Objet Connecté
and a member of French Tech (#IoT Tech) in Angers.

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